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Employers And Businesses

We assist companies and individuals to navigate the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization system

We are passionate about helping Businesses  grow and are inspired by the dreams and goals of the individuals we are privileged to serve.

Solutions For Employers

Our goal is to relieve clients of the burdens and worries the U.S. Immigration process can cause.

U.S. Immigration Law Group, LLP is a full-service immigration law firm, built on integrity and committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and our community.

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Green Card Through Employment

An Immigrant Visa (also known as a “green card” or lawful permanent residence) allows a person to reside and work in the U.S. permanently.

Temporary Work Visa (L-1, H-1B, TN, etc.)

A non-immigrant visa allows a person to enter the U.S. temporarily for a specific purpose, e.g., attend business meetings, make and direct an investment, attend school, etc.

Scientists, Artists and Athletes

U.S. Immigration Law Group, LLP has assisted numerous employers and agents bring foreign talent to the United States.

Immigration Appeals and Motions

There are times when individuals – sometimes through no fault of their own, receive a denial of their immigration case or the adjudication of their case is unnecessarily delayed.

E-1 Treaty Trader/ E-2 Investor

The U.S. has treaties with approximately 80 countries throughout the world which will allow nationals of those countries to obtain a U.S. work visa to trade (E-1) between their country and the U.S. or to invest (E-2) in a business in the United States.

R-1 Religious Workers

Religious workers may come to the U.S. on a temporary or permanent basis.
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