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Testimonials and

Success Stories

We assist companies and individuals to navigate the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization system

Success Stories

Our goal is to relieve clients of the burdens and worries the U.S. Immigration process can cause.

Our clients are businesses and individuals who need an expert to assist and advise them through the burdensome and complex U.S. Immigration system. Our practice offers reliable, responsive and experienced attorneys, who are directly accessible. We do not use a one-size fits all approach, but rather work directly with individuals and employers to understand their goals and develop a strategic solution to meet their specific needs.

People are at the center of who we are and what we do. Whether it involves managing the visas of foreign workers, reuniting families, or responding to an I-9 investigation, it is the people behind these cases who ultimately matter. We love what we do and we care about each and every client. The transparency in our interactions shows that we are willing to “go the extra mile” for our clients.

H-1B Temporary Specialty Worker Petitions

  • After unlicensed immigration consultant failed to timely file extension, USILG obtained nunc pro tunc (retroactive) approval of H-1B extension on behalf of Computer Systems Analyst and H-4 extension for his family, thus eliminating the possibility of triggering the 10 year bar to admission under INA § 212(a)(9)(B)(i)(II). Simultaneously successfully defended employment-based I-140 petition on behalf of the principal beneficiary in response to RFE and, upon approval of I-140, obtained subsequent 3-year extension of H-1B status.
  • H-1B change of status application from F-1 student for Marketing Analyst from Colombia.
  • H-1B change of employer from F-1 student for Mexican script writer/editor.

EB13 – Multinational Executive/Manager Petitions

  • Approval of L-1A/L-2 status for executive of Taiwanese branch of Japanese company. Subsequently obtained approval of Multinational Manager/Executive I-140 and adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident for entire family in less than six months.
  • Romanian function manager granted Multinational Manager/Executive classification. Adjustment of status obtained for principal beneficiary and entire family prior to eldest son “aging out” at age 21.

U Visas

  • USILG assisted a Mexican national, who initially entered the United States in 1988 at the age of twelve who was placed in removal proceedings with her husband, U.S. Immigration Group. LLP was able to terminate her removal proceedings and pursue U visa based on years of physical abuse and violence at the hands of her spouse. Today, she raises her two U.S. citizen daughters in the U.S. free of violence and without fear of deportation.

E Visas

  • E-2 visa in Frankfurt, Germany for bakery chef to work at specialty bistro/delicatessen.
  • E-2 visa in Vienna, Austria for investment in solo Architect practice.
  • E-2 visa in Vancouver, Canada for investment in family-owned marriage counseling enterprise in California.
  • E-2 visa in Vienna, Austria for investment in Italian restaurant.
  • E-2 visa in Vancouver, Canada for investment for graphic design firm.
  • E-2 visa in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Travel Consultant.
  • Literally dozens of E-2 visas for executives, managers and essential skills workers from major Japanese companies.

PERM/I-140 Cases

  • Successfully defended “Ability to Pay” issues on I-140 petitions for a variety of companies, including sole proprietorships.
  • Successfully obtained I-140 petitions (under previously approved labor certification and Adjustment of Status for applicants eligible under 245(i) applications.
  • USILG was granted its motion to reopen and reconsider in an employment based case where the petitioner and beneficiary sought the assistance of an organization not licensed to practice law, which acted as the Legal Representative and placed its own name on the forms as the employer. Based on the inaccuracies, the USCIS denied the I-140 petition. The organization appealed, but failed to properly file the appeal; filing it in its own name, rather than in the name of the employer. The appeal was eventually rejected by the Administrative Appeals Office as improperly filed. USILG was able to document the unlawful practice of law of the organization and the numerous California Business and Professions Code violations and convinced USICS not to punish the petitioner and beneficiary for the incompetence of the organization.

L1 Visas

  • “New office” L-1A for importer of luxury automobiles from the U.S.
  • “New office” L-1A for importer/distributor of specialty dog food from New Zealand.
  • L-1B for Global Events and Marketing coordinator of major skin products company.
  • L-1B for Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Swiss watchmaker.

P Visas

  • P visas for a variety of athletes (triathlon, moto-cross, acrobatic pilot, snowboarders, golfer, among others) and performers and supporting personnel (Argentine/Mexican band, Mexican television performers, director, etc.)

B-1 Visas

  • Yacht Crewmember visas for citizens of Mexico, Ireland and Costa Rica.
  • B-1 Admission letters for business travel for applicants in a variety of contexts.
  • B-1 in lieu of H-1B for British CFO of Austrian company.

Political Asylum

  • After seven year court process, USILG was successful in having asylum granted for a Cameroon national. Tragically, his wife who remained in Cameroon died, but he can now be reunited with his children.


  • USILG was successful in obtaining TPS status under late initial registration for a Salvadoran national who was a derivative of his mother’s asylum application filed 20 years earlier.
  • USILG was successful in the arguing that a client in TPS status is admissible for adjustment of status purposes and obtain adjustment for a Salvadoran national.

I-601 Waivers

  • Reunited Canadian national with his U.S. citizen family after successfully obtaining an I-601 Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility under Section INA 212(a)(9)(B)(v) and demonstrating that refusing his admission would result in extreme hardship to his U.S. citizen wife.
  • After having his I-601 waiver denied, USILG was successful in supplementing the record and obtaining a waiver and ultimately lawful permanent residence for a Mexican national who triggered the 10 year bar under INA §212(a)(9)(B)(i).

Successful Adjustments with Improper Removals/Deportations

  • Motion to reopen and reconsider approved and successfully obtained adjustment for a Guatemalan national whose removal from the U.S. was improper. The Board of Immigration Appeals reopened her deportation proceedings, effectively vacating the previous deportation order by the Immigration Judge making her removal null and void. As a result, she is not inadmissible under Section 212(a)(9)(C)(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”) and was eligible to adjust.
  • Successfully obtained lawful permanent residency status for a Mexican national who never received notice of immigration court hearing and was improperly removed. USILG successfully negotiated with Immigration Customs Enforcement to have this client brought back to the U.S. and have his status restored.
  • USILG was successful in reopening an immigration court case for a woman who failed to appear at her hearing due to domestic abuse.
  • USILG has consistently been successful in reopening immigration court cases for individuals who never received proper notice.
  • USILG was successful in changing client’s venue, after being apprehended by Arizona Highway Patrol, to Los Angeles and successfully demonstrated client was eligible for Cancellation of Removal for Non Permanent Residents under Section 240A of the Immigration and Nationality Act based on hardship suffered by his U.S. Citizen wife.

We are passionate about helping Businesses  grow and are inspired by the dreams and goals of the individuals we are privileged to serve.

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