Case Results

  • Permanent Resident
    Criminal Convictions
    Client with a series of criminal convictions had been told for decades that he was not eligible for permanent residency. With USILG he realized the dream of becoming a lawful permanent resident with careful preparation, the anticipation and ...
  • Expedited Waiver
    Departed Without Authorization
    Client traveled to Mexico in an emergency to get custody of his grandchildren and departed without authorization. USILG filed an expedited waiver so that he could come back to the United States and not jeopardize his status. We don’t take lightly ...
  • Won Cancellation Of Removal
    Drug Related Charges
    Client was a lawful permanent resident who was placed in removal proceedings after pleading guilty to drug-related charges when he was a young adult. These convictions disqualified him for relief and made him deportable without options to keep his ...
  • Petition Approved
    Intracompany transferee for executive (L-1A) petition approved for entrepreneur who acquired company on the brink of bankruptcy and turned it around to be a major food distributor for a large chain supermarket. We equip our clients with the best ...
  • U Visa
    Indirect Victim
    Client successfully obtained a U visa as an indirect victim who has suffered direct harm as a result of her daughter’s murder. Her grandchildren were believed to be dead as well. Our client was the only individual who possessed information regarding ...
  • Permanent Resident
    Misidentified and Physically Removed
    Our firm was successful in getting ICE to bring back our client to the United States after he was misidentified and physically removed from the United States. Although he was placed in removal proceedings for not having lawful status, we were able to ...
  • Permanent Resident
    Nine-Year Battle
    After a nine-year battle in immigration court and four judges later, we were successful in having our client released on bond, his application for cancellation of removal granted and obtaining lawful permanent residency for him based on a rare ...
  • Removal Order Revoked
    Placed In Removal Proceedings
    Client was placed in removal proceedings by an attorney who failed to do due diligence and ensure that he qualified for relief. In immigration court our client learned that he had an old removal order that was issued in absentia after he failed to ...
  • Permanent Residency Preserved
    Plead Guilty To Criminal Conviction
    Client faced his final hearing before the immigration judge when USILG took over the case. He was a lawful permanent resident who had plead guilty to a criminal conviction without knowing the immigration consequences of his plea. USILG worked with ...
  • Eligible for Permanent Residency
    Previous Criminal Convictions
    Client who is married to U.S. Citizen and has a U.S. Citizen special needs child was represented by an attorney who did not understand the immigration consequences of his criminal convictions before filing his application for his permanent residency. ...
  • Permanent Resident
    Removed From the Home
    A child who had been neglected by his parents and removed from the home obtain Special Immigration Juvenile Status and is now a Lawful Permanent Resident. We give hope to what may seem to be hopeless situation.
  • Petition Approved
    Short-film Director
    Extraordinary ability immigrant petition approved for short-film director. The client films were recognized and earned awards in multiple international independent film festivals. His work was also featured in the press including NBC, Telemundo, and ...
  • Released On Bond and Cases Terminated
    Taken Into Custody
    After being taken into custody at his naturalization interview due to a notary filing fraudulent asylum application twenty-five years earlier without our client’s knowledge, we were able to get him released on bond and getting not just one, but both ...