Work Permit Cons

A common mistake we see people make is that sometimes they can be blinded by their desperate desire for a work permit and a social security number. We know how valuable those two items are for people to be able to be paid a decent wage to get a decent job to be able to progress professionally in this country. However, sometimes people, when they hear that they're eligible for work authorization, really don't question or ask on what basis they are qualifying for that work permit and what often happens.

Fraudulent or frivolous applications are filed to get them that work permit. Still, it costs them dearly in the long run because they may end up in deportation or removal proceedings in immigration court.

So, before you submit any application that comes with the work permit or someone's told you that you qualify for a work permit, please ask how. Please ask why. So that you can make sure that you legitimately qualify and it's not going to cost you more in the end.

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