Why Is My Case Taking So Long?

So, one of the most common questions is, why is my case taking so long? Sometimes, I wish I had better answers, but here are some tips on what you can do. First off, Google USCIS case status. If you Google those three words, he'll take you to a page where you can enter the receipt number on your case, whether it's an I-130 petition, I-765 for a work permit, or 945 application to adjust the status, whatever pending application you have with USCIS, you can enter that number, and it'll give you the last action step about your case. You can also register for my USCIS account, and it'll always give you updates on the step-by-step progress of your case. Anytime your case is transferred, a decision is requested, and evidence is sent out so you can be on the lookout for that in the mail. So, you can check your case status online and register for my USCIS account.

Second, you can also check Google USCIS processing times. So, with the processing times, it'll tell you based on the type of application. There's a drop-down menu where you'll select the type of application. It might have a secondary question depending on what category right that you're applying for. And then thirdly, on the receipt notice that you've been issued, in the bottom left-hand corner, it'll say what service center and what office your case is currently pending when you enter those few pieces of information. It'll tell you the approximate processing time, which is about 80% of the cases filed of that type in that category from that office. It will take X number of months. What you will find there is a realistic date processing time. Hence, if it says something you learn in crazy, like 87 months, there's not much you can do. Still, once that case is posted outside of the processing time, you can scroll further down on the screen and click on the information when you can submit an inquiry. Many people contact us or will submit inquiries prematurely because their processing time has not exceeded your case’s processing time. Hence, you want to make sure to check your case status. Check the processing time to find out when you can see an inquiry.

The bottom line is that the government must be more staffed. There are incredible gap backlogs, both with the State Department at the US embassies and consulates abroad and domestically at USCIS offices. There is only a little that you or I can do about this. But suppose you find yourself in a position where your case is outside of processing time, and you need a satisfactory response from USCIS. In that case, we highly encourage you to contact your congressional representative. Every congressional representative has access to a congressional liaison office with USCIS. They can get more information a lot easier and faster than even attorneys can get them, so the pandemic changed everything. Cases that took six months are now taking, you know, over three years. Only a little that we can do about that. Most applications are not eligible for processing time. But again, please be patient but be proactive. Ensure that your case is still being adjudicated and within processing time, and don't hesitate to reach out for help with your congressional representative.

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