Criminal Case Convictions

A common mistake people make is not understanding the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. And too often, people hire criminal defense lawyers to expunge their illegal pieces. What I want to make 100% clear is that expungements do nothing for immigration law or federal law. It may help you with employment and work, but it doesn't remove the consequences of that conviction for immigration purposes.

It's super important to consult with someone who understands the immigration consequences of criminal conviction so that post-conviction efforts need to be made. They can be made, but too often, people need to realize that they proceed with a benefit, like applying for citizenship or applying for their green card, not learning with a controlled substance conviction, or they have an aggravated felony or crime of violence that would not only deem them eligible for those benefits but could land them in immigration court for removal proceedings and be deported from the United States.

If you have any criminal convictions, please do so before you proceed with any immigration benefits. Please consult with an immigration attorney who can advise you on what steps to take or whether no steps at all would be best.

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