Anaheim Immigration Lawyers

We Advocate for Individuals, Families, and Businesses at Every Step of the Immigration Process

U.S. Immigration Law Group, LLP, offers comprehensive immigration legal services in Anaheim and its surrounding areas. Our team can help you and your loved ones apply for a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa, whether you are opting for an employment-based or a family-based visa. We also remain available to assist you in maintaining your status. No matter which step of your immigration journey you are on, our lawyers are happy to support you.

The immigration system is complex, and we combine our deep understanding of the law and a client-focused approach to make the process as simple as possible for you. We believe in clear communication and educating our clients so they can make informed decisions and feel empowered throughout their immigration process.

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Our Family and Employment-Based Immigration Services in Anaheim

At U.S. Immigration Law Group, LLP, we can help you with a broad range of immigration services to help you submit accurate and complete application packages to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). From walking you through consular processing and any waivers that may apply to you to help you secure a re-entry permit, our attorneys have you covered.

We can assist you with various family-based visas including fiancée petitions or petitioning for a green card as a qualified close relative. Our firm also has extensive experience helping clients apply for naturalization once they meet the criteria.

Our team can help you with work-based visas such as:

We are also available to assist you with Dreamers’ legalization and deportation defense. Our lawyers are committed to protecting your rights and making sure you receive fair treatment. If you need legal representation to file a motion to reopen your case and appeal, our attorneys are here for you.

The Importance of Hiring a Reputable Lawyer for Your Immigration Journey

Whether you are applying for a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa, the process is complex and requires a high degree of accuracy and meeting specific deadlines. Compiling your application package usually includes filling out forms for USCIS and providing relevant supporting documents. Knowing what types can increase your chances of success is important.

When you trust U.S. Immigration Law Group, LLP, to assist you during your immigration journey, we carefully review your situation and any document you submit to USCIS to ensure that everything is adequate. Even a small mistake can delay your application and may even result in USCIS denying it.

We also help you prepare for any immigration interview you may have to attend and any other requirements that may be involved. Our attorneys also educate you on how to maintain your immigration status after obtaining your visa and we continue to provide our services if you need to renew your visa.

If you are unsure what type of visa you are eligible for or which one to choose from if you have multiple options, our team thoroughly discusses your situation with you and can recommend a specific visa to apply to.

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