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FianceIf you’re curious about the process of how fiancées of U.S. citizens are able to come to the United States, watch TLC’s new “reality” show 90 Day Fiancé which follows five U.S. citizen men who have met and fallen in love with women who live abroad.  In order to come to the United States, these women are issued a K-1 visa – also known as a Fiancé Visa – which allows them to travel to the U.S. for 90 days in order to get married.  Although we have not seen the show, if it reflects reality in the least, it will be interesting and entertaining.  The process to obtain a K-1 visa alone takes close to one year and requires submission of various documents proving that the couple is “bona fide” and are truly intending to get married.  Those of us in the immigration field know that even if the couple survives the 90 day engagement period and marry; the real story has just begun.  Upon marriage, the fiancée’ visa holder may apply for lawful permanent residency (after submission of another set of documents) and due to the government’s concern of marriage fraud; residency is conditional and valid for only two years.  At the end of two years the couple will need to file a joint application to remove the conditions on residency.  This is really the test of the relationship.  If everything goes well, the happy couple will live happily ever after.  And if intentions were otherwise . . . as they say … adios amigo, sayonara, ciao!

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