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Claudia Gardea

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Claudia, born in the state of Colima, Mexico, moved to the United States as an infant and was raised in sunny California.

As the firm receptionist since 2015, Claudia is the “face and voice” of U.S. Immigration Law Group. Claudia greets everyone who walks into the office with a professional and friendly demeanor. Her impeccable customer service skills and welcoming efficiency were honed while working as a hotel agent for almost 10 years.

She hopes to one day make a positive impact in society while still having time to raise her children, go hiking with her two dogs and reflect on all that life has to offer while remaining humble.

Life motto:

  • Everyone has a story; don’t let others write yours

Most interesting job:

  • Personal assistant

How would you describe yourself?

  • Golden Age dreamer

One thing you would like to see or do before you die: 

  • Fly a plane

Favorite place on Earth:

Paris, France.

Career choice as a child:

Art Historian