Mother and Son Spared Deportation

I met Marisela at Saddleback’s Parking Lot Justice Fair in the Fall of 2011. Although she previously had an immigration attorney helping her with her case, she lost contact with her attorney and could no longer locate him. On that Saturday, I attempted to check the court’s information system to see if she had a hearing scheduled, but the system was down. I told her that I would check on Monday and would give her a call. It turns out that she had a court hearing in four days and if she and her son failed to appear they both would have received deportation orders. Luckily, we were able to step in and assist. Over the last two years, we have gone back and forth with the court on her eligibility, finally got them to terminate proceedings for both of them so that they can pursue the legalization process administratively. Yesterday, Marisela had her interview at the USCIS office in Santa Ana and she was approved. She cried and hugged me and was so incredibly grateful and thankful to God for how everything transpired. So I share her tears of joy and hug with you because if you or anyone you know is ever faced with the prospects of being deported you know how scary the process is. There is hope and there is help.